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Feb 19, 2011
@ 9:34 pm

Macross Frontier The Movie: Itsuwari no Utahime

"Obtained" this like 5938502 days ago but never got around to watching it since it’s 2 hours instead of 24 minutes /o/ Turned out to be pretty good despite being a retelling of the animu series, mostly because I had watched Macross F way too long ago and forgot about most of what happened. This new version is quite nice though, and it kind of just makes me like Sheryl more. The new songs are quite good, and I wished that more of them made it into the movie. Guess they’ll be putting the rest in the second movie (Sayonara no Tsubasa)? I hope not, since it’d be awesome if they made more songs for the other movie so I get another Sheryl album..:’) She needs the royalties to pay off hiring the S.M.S, after all ohohoho.

Also, the space/aerial fights in this movie were SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER awesome, geez, such great eye candy :’) This is why I like it when mecha shows get theatrical versions (I guess? Who cares about Gundam 00 though). Also really like how Universal Bunny was coordinated, those nice, cool, shiny, rainbow, abundant gears..!! Gear-y robots, too! brb while I listen to a bunch of Macross F music again. Ah, feels like 2008 again…75/100


Feb 19, 2011
@ 1:55 am


Been wanting to watch this movie for quite a while, but never got around to it because of other distractions. Finally decided to watch it once and for all after Tron: Legacy reminded me to. Expected it to be a fun ride and it met my expectations plus a bit more.

Anyways, it was even more charming than Tron: Legacy, which was to be expected since this is from the wonderful ol’ 1980s. Really enjoyed looking at the oldtech and seeing all the 80s stuff, plus geez, Jeff Bridges was YOUNG back then. Same voice and better charisma, really quite charming as well. Liked his easygoingness in this more than in Legacy because well, in Legacy he was old, and old-looking men saying “Cool, dude” just isn’t that cool. Despite the oldtech, I was really quite impressed with the visuals here. Was very amazed by the 3DCG used here, because geez, they could really rival with some PS1 graphics…! That’s a whopping 12 years ahead of their time! Simply amazing. Also really liked how they rendered the Programs/characters inside the computer, very good effects even if many say that it doesn’t stand up to the test of time. I think it still looks very good and it was very creative and resourceful of them to be able to come up with it and execute it.

Really liked the cute conceptual/environmental/mechanical designs too, and halfway through the movie I wondered if Syd Mead took part in it. He did, and Moebius helped too. Geez, so nice that they participated :’)

AND SPEAKING OF AWESOME…They even had Ph.Ds working on this film, geez!!! I guess I don’t watch enough film credits and so I’ve never ever seen any PhDs being credited before, but that is just too awesome. Oh god synthavision!!!

Ah, I guess I should mention the actors too. Was good seeing Bridges so young and lively, and for some reason I think keep thinking that Bruce Boxleitner (Alan, Tron) looks strangely like a very very famous person, although he’s really not that famous of an actor. I also really really liked the looks of Lora/Yori, played by Cindy Morgan. Somehow I just find her very very very attractive?! I think it’s the hair, it reminds me of Asuka Langley for whatever reason (the way it’s tied back okay). Also was surprised that she had such a boring real name.

All in all, a good, charming, cute, fun, nice, and creative 80s movie. Doesn’t really surpass Legacy in depth, but it does surpass it in charm, oldtechness, and 80sness. 85/100

Oh, and I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed the real world scenes and the credits too. Some of my favourites (spoilers, obviously):
Not just for looks, I see
Okay, maybe it’s not such a nice desk after all.
Dammit Dillinger don’t make me steal your desk
Dammit Dillinger Don’t Make Me Steal Your Furniture

Nice password, I almost feel like using it
Cubicle Land (I can almost see Dilbert walking around the aisles)
Cubicle #5324
No sirree, no 1234567 for ENCOM.
Dunno, but this looks strangely nice

Ah, youth
Oh, youth
Ah, you- Oh, handheld

THAT’S RIGHT, thank Atari. Not Apple, though. No no no.
Mommy mommy I want the Tron OST on record


Feb 17, 2011
@ 9:36 pm
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Watched this because my father told me it was an important film, and so I was intrigued. Was quite good despite being super old, the cinematography is quite amazing and everything really seems like it stands up very well to the test of time. The stories were interesting and baffling, but it was fun trying to come up with what the true version may be. Mifune Toshirou (The Bandit) was quite amazing in his role and was quite convincingly crazy and/or unpredictable. Kyou Machiko (The Wife) played her rold very well in that she was a pretty annoying woman who sobbed all the time. I’m guessing that’s fitting since that just what women did back then? Not so bad since it’s an appropriate character to put on.

Good film that stood up well even after all these years, can give you a lot to think about if you are so inclined (I wasn’t). It felt quite long while I was watching it even though it was only 88 minutes. Felt sleepy after watching but I still understand its significance (I think). Oh yeah, and this is my first Kurosawa work. 70/100


Feb 9, 2011
@ 10:44 pm

Star Trek (2009)

Didn’t really intend to watch it, but thought it would be fun to do so and picked it up out of impulse. Didn’t expect it to be good because modern adaptations of anything are rarely much good nowadays, but it would be good time for me to finally watch something that was remotely related to the Star Trek franchise.

The movie ended up being an entertaining and exciting ride, especially during the action scenes, but the story and characters were quite subpar. Spock with a shallow love interest? Really? Was quite uncomfortable to see him with a girl like that, and it felt very, very out of character (although I wouldn’t know if it really is, since I haven’t watched the true Star Trek yet. He seems like a very detached and logical character who would not go for girl, though). The story was the generic good guys vs. bad guy, and it was woefully shallow like the love interest.

Kind of regret watching this as my first foray into the franchise, but at least it showed enough of the appeal of Star Trek to make me really want to throw everything down and start watching the series, and when I refer to appeal, I meant the showcasing of the grand space theme with all the wonderfully designed and modeled machinery. Super ultra beautiful and detailed, and man, Spock’s little whirring ship is awwwwwwwwwwwwesome. It is quite cute for some reason. As well, it made me wonder how much better the characters are in the True Star Trek. I’m guessing that they’re infinite times better, and that when I get to watching the series, I will go in with extremely high expectations.

Similar to Tron: Legacy, Star Trek (2009) is a good piece of eye candy (even if it has too many trendy and unnecessary light flares), but alas, it falls short and becomes just another addition to the “generic Hollywood-ized adaptation” pile due to trying too hard to be “modern”. That is, forcing some kind of love interest in there and shoving in “scenes with sexy women who do not belong”.

Star Trek does not need that kind of sexy, it only needs its sensually curved starcrafts. 55/100


Feb 7, 2011
@ 10:32 pm

Burn After Reading

Decided to watch this because I wanted to see how Brad Pitt would portray a gym dude. Didn’t expect anything from it since I didn’t know what it was really about, and it turned out to be pretty funny, but ultimately it was just a mess. Still okay, though, as it was still entertaining, but wouldn’t really prefer it since the characters and situations are quite dumb (though I guess that’s what makes it funny).

Brad Pitt’s character was clearly the best, and it’s somewhat worth watching this to see him as a gym…dude…60/100